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Call (561) 617-3323 for a free phone consultation with Dr. Charette.


Dr. Charette provides therapy in her Boca office, as well as via video & phone to all of South Florida.

Individual Therapy

Couples & Family Therapy

Consultation with Medical Providers

Dr. Charette greatly values interdisciplinary collaboration and will gladly work closely with your medical providers (e.g. psychiatrist, OBGYN, primary care physician, pediatrician, etc.) to best support and coordinate your care.  


For more information on the schedule & fees for these groups, please call Dr. Charette to set up a pre-group screening at: (561) 617-3323. 


Pregnany & Postpartum During Covid Support Group

Dr. Charette facilitates a virtual womens group for women who are experiencing difficulty adjusting to pregnancy or motherhood during the current COVID environment. The group is a safe and confidential place for those who want to reach out, listen, share, and connect with other women who are experiencing similar feelings. This group is open to all women (not only first time Moms) and to women at any point during their pregnancy or in the 6 months post-birth. You are welcome to bring your baby with you to this virtual group.

Mom's Group for Women Who Have Lost Their Mom

Dr. Charette facilitates a group for women who have lost their mother and are experiencing feelings of grief related to the passing of their mother. This group is open to women who have lost their mother at any age in their life. This group is a safe and confidential place for women who want to reach out, listen, share, and connect with other women who are experiencing similar feelings of grief. An additional focus of this group will be on supporting women who are experiencing grief related to parenting, without the presence and support of their own mother.


Please call Dr. Charette to discuss fees and to learn about insurance reimbursement options, as Dr. Charette does not accept insurance. 

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