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Dr. Charette provides individual, couples, family and group therapy and has years of clinical experience treating a range of psychological, relational and behavioral health concerns for adolescents (teens and up) and adults.

  • Anxious feelings that won't go away

  • Obsessive thoughts that won't go away

  • Recurrent sad thoughts that won't go away

  • Feeling a lack of contentment with how your life is going

  • Feeling stuck with important life decisions

  • Adjusting to pregnancy, postpartum & parenthood 

  • Coping with infertility and perinatal depression/anxiety/OCD

  • Grief from loss of a loved one 

  • Desire to heal from a recent or past traumatic experience

  • Adjustment to health changes/diagnoses
  • Career counseling & coping with professional identity 

  • Healing from a break-up or navigating divorce

  • Self-exploration and personal growth

  • Exploring LGBTQ feelings

  • Difficulties making relationships work with friends or family members

  • Maintaining recovery from substance use

  • Pregnancy, postpartum, TFMR

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, OCD & Personality Concerns

Dr. Charette has specialized training & experience in working with individuals that have a mood or anxiety disorder. Following her pre-doctoral training, she was selected to complete a highly-competitive residency in mood, disorders, anxiety disorders & trauma, in which she gained specialized experience in working with patients with depression, general anxiety, OCD, PTSD and panic disorder. She also understands the impact that stress from anxiety and/or depression can place on a relationship and provides therapy for couples and families.  

In addition to her private practice experience, she has previously worked within a hospital setting and understands the unique difficulties in coping with psychological concerns, in addition to medical concerns, including chronic and terminal illnesses. She has specific knowledge in supporting parents through coping with the unique challenges of having a baby in the NICU or a child in the PICU.

She is certified in Cognitive Processing Therapy, a cognitive behavioral therapy treatment.

Person laying flowers down on a tombstone

Grief and Bereavement

The loss of someone important in your life is unlike any other experience. The experience of loss is unique to each person and the experience of grief that follows is also unique to each person. Dr. Charette understands these nuances and will help you navigate your specific experience with support and compassion. 

Dr. Charette spent more than half a decade working within hospital settings, helping patients cope with their own terminal health concerns and helping their family members adjust, as well. She has years of experience in helping individuals who have lost a pregnancy, an infant, child, spouse, their parent(s), grand-parent(s), or a friend and understands how each of these losses are unique and require different types of trauma processing.

Dr. Charette also has combined her specialized training in Women's Mental Health with bereavement and runs a group for Moms who have lost their own Mother.

Prenatal, Perinatal & Postpartum Mental Health

The term "perinatal" is the time-frame during pregnancy and the years following after giving birth. Although the term, "postpartum depression" is most commonly used, there are actually a spectrum of mental health concerns that can affect women during pregnancy and postpartum:

  • Perinatal Depression

  • Perinatal Anxiety 

  • Perinatal Panic Disorder

  • Perinatal Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Perinatal Bipolar Disorder

  • Postpartum Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Perinatal Psychosis (this is an acute emergency)

The "Baby Blues" refers to feelings that may arise after having a baby such as feeling irritable, worried, feeling happy one moment and then crying the next, fatigue and forgetfulness. The experience of a perinatal mental health concern feels more intense and lasts longer than the feelings of Baby Blues.

Screening and early therapeutic intervention can protect the well-being of the mother, baby and the entire family. Dr. Charette has years of specialized training & experience in working with women at all points in their journey to become pregnant, during pregnancy & postpartum. Prior to starting her own practice, she worked within a Women’s Primary Care Clinic and is experienced in collaborating on your care with your OBGYN, midwife and/or psychiatrist (as needed). She understands the unique needs of families who have a child in the NICU or PICU and will work collaboratively with you to meet at a time that is most convenient. Dr. Charette uses tele-health to work with women on bed rest.

Dr. Charette is certified by Postpartum Support International (PSI) in Perinatal Mental Health, which is the highest level of certification for a therapist in this field of work. She is a Coordinator for PSI for Palm Beach and Broward Counties and is familiar with a range of services (for example: Mommy & Me's, lactation consultants, pediatricians, child-care) for families within these counties. Dr. Charette sits on the Board for the Florida Chapter of PSI.

For more information visit Postpartum Support International

Pregnant woman
Pregnant woman

Early Parenting Years

Having a child can be one of the most significant adjustments that a person experiences. Despite wanting to have a child, the early parenting years can feel lonely, frustrating, and parents may experience symptoms of depression or anxiety. When faced with a significant adjustment, therapy may be a helpful outlet to help cope with these feelings and reduce stress.

Dr. Charette creates an environment where clients feel safe and empowered to cope with the uncertainty and challenges that can come with the journey of having a baby and parenting a young child. Additional concerns related to starting a family, such as helping an older child(ren) adjust to a new baby and coping with relationship changes in a marriage/partnership after having a baby, are part of her treatment experience. Dr. Charette will help you cope with this transitional time and learn stress-reducing skills.

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